Acqua Azzurra’s proposals for vending

Acqua Azzurra has a dedicated line for automatic vending machines with the eco-friendly carton of delicious and safe oligomineral water from the Piccole Dolomiti. The carton is entirely recyclable, extremely convenient to carry with you and features an attractive design. Ideal for Vending machine operators looking for something distinctive.

Acqua Azzurra

The organoleptic characteristics of Acqua Azzurra make it unique. It contains a good amount of salts, but is naturally low in sodium.

This is why it promotes drainage and is suitable for low-sodium diets, for those wishing to lose weight or for those suffering from water retention. At the same time, the presence of minerals helps prevent osteoporosis.

Organoleptic Table


Sodium Na+ 1,6 mg/L
Potassium K+ 1,4 mg/L
Magnesium Mg++ 36,5 mg/L
Calcium Ca++ 97,5 mg/L
Nitrates NO3- 3 mg/L
Bicarbonates HCO3– 239 mg/L/td>
Chlorides CI- 0,75 mg/L
Sulphates SO4 – – 167,3 mg/L
Fluorides F- < 0,15 mg/L
Silica SiO2 6,7 mg/L
Nitrites NO2- < 0,002 mg/L
Ammonium ion NH4+ < 0,01 mg/L
Other Characteristics
Temperature at source 14,2 °C
pH at source 7,23
Electr. conductivity spec. at 20°C 600 µS/cm
Fixed residue at 180°C 440 mg/L

50cl and 33cl format.

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