The naturally sparkling water from the dolomites.

Fonte Regina is a spring dating back to 1902 and known for its organoleptic properties that classify it as acidic water, with a high content of easily absorbed minerals, such as calcium and iron.

This naturally sparkling water, that rises from over a thousand meters underground, was discovered by a group of researchers and pharmacists. For years, it was used exclusively by the pharmaceutical industry and has been recognized as a therapeutic water.

Savour it in a transparent glass, preferably with no ice at 15/18°C.


Chemical and physical analyses

Water characteristics

Sodium Na+ 299 mg/L
Potassium K+ 11,5 mg/L
Magnesium Mg++ 111,4 mg/L
Calcium Ca++ 176 mg/L
Nitrates No3- 10,4 mg/L
Bicarbonates HiCO3– 1815 mg/L
Chlorides CI- 5,5 mg/L
Sulphates SO4– 89,5 mg/L
Fluorides F- 0,27 mg/L
Nitrites NO2-
Ammonium ions NH4+
Other characteristics

Water characteristics

Temperature at the source 11,9 °C
pH at the source 6,13
Specific electrical conductivity at 20°C 2451 µS/cm
Dry residue at 180°C 1582 mg/L
Carbon dioxide 2690 mg/L

100 cl

92 cl

46 cl

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