The mineral water from the highest spring of the Piccole Dolomiti

Fonte Lonera is an low mineral content mineral water, low in sodium, that flows from the foot of Mount Baffelan near Campogrosso at an altitude of about 1240 meters.

It is light, with a delicate and authentic flavour enhanced by the balanced level of minerals.

With a dry residue of 102 mg/l, it is an excellent table water suitable for the whole family.

Fonte Lonera is the ideal water for:


Fonte Lonera is unique for its organoleptic characteristics and the altitude of the source.

Although being naturally low in sodium, it contains a good quantity of bicarbonates and calcium.

This is why it promotes digestion and drainage and is recommended for low-sodium diets, for people wanting to lose weight or who suffer from water retention. At the same time, the balanced mineral content makes this water an excellent ally in the prevention of osteoporosis.


Water characteristics

Sodium Na+ 0,47 mg/L
Potassium K+ 0,25 mg/L
Magnesium Mg++ 12,2 mg/L
Calcium Ca++ 27,1 mg/L
Nitrates No3- 2,7 mg/L
Bicarbonates HiCO3– 142 mg/L
Chlorides CI- 0,42 mg/L
Sulphates SO4– 1,6 mg/L
Fluorides F- <0,01 mg/L
Silica SiO2 1,5 mg/L
Nitrites NO2-
Ammonium ions NH4+
Other characteristics

Water characteristics

Temperature at the source 7,8 °C
pH at the source 7,86
Specific electrical conductivity at 20°C 220 µS/cm
Dry residue at 180°C 102 mg/L

Formats: 100cl, 92cl, 75cl, 50cl

Lightly sparkling

Formats: 100cl, 92cl


Formats: 100cl, 92cl, 75cl, 50cl

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